Resources for Students


Students are the future of ITE. The information and resources on this page are to assist ITE student leaders and members to deliver a quality program for the university’s ITE student chapter. Below there are details about the MWITE Student Activities Committee; links to resources for chapter governance; information on awards for chapters and individual student members for the MWITE District and ITE International; and also contact information for each chapter in the Midwestern District. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact a member of the MWITE Student Activities Committee.

Annual District Student Competitions

Student Leadership Summitsite-conference-event2016-2-2

In 2016, the University of Iowa ITE student chapter hosted the first Midwestern/Great Lakes Student Leadership Summit at their campus in Ames, Iowa. Almost 80 students from universities in the Midwestern and Great Lakes ITE Districts convened for a weekend of fun and sessions about leadership and the transportation profession. The Summit is “planned by students for students”. ITE members assist in providing some guidance and assistance in some of the activities by the event is student planned and led.

The 2nd Summit was held in 2017 in West Lafayette, Indiana and hosted by the student chapter of Purdue University. Almost 120 students from 26 schools attend the events that year. Details are being planned for the 3rd Annual Student Leadership Summit to be hosted by the student chapter at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota this coming August 18-19, 2018. Click here for more information.

Student Chapter Annual Reports

Each year ITE Student Chapters are required to submit an annual report to the Midwestern District Board and to ITE Headquarters by MARCH 1st. Click annual_report_form to find a report form template that shows the minimum information required to be submitted by each Student Chapter to ITE Headquarters each year. (See Section II.D of the Student Chapter Manual.) You may use a copy of this form, filling in the blanks and adding attachments as appropriate; or if it is more convenient, submit the same information in a format similar to this form.

If your Student Chapter desires to be evaluated for the annual Midwestern District and ITE Student Chapter Awards, you are invited to prepare a supplementary report that describes your Student Chapter activities in greater detail than is requested in this report.

Click here to view chapters reports submitted in previous years.