Sample Questions

We NEED A Plan!

This class of roads travels for long uninterrupted distances, has limited access, and has the highest speeds.
Show AnswerWhat are interstates or freeways?

Involving both land access and traffic circulation and linking local roads to arterials, name this street class.
Show AnswerWhat are collectors?

At a specific location for an entire year, this is the actual volume of traffic.
Show AnswerWhat is annual traffic?

Traffic flow, which is generally expressed in vehicles per hour.
Show AnswerWhat is hourly traffic volume?

This transportation system performance measure of the movement of people and goods is usually expressed in person-miles or person-kilometers.
Show AnswerWhat is mobility?

Robert’s Excellent Adventures

Robert is visiting this district that includes Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama among its eight sections. Y’all!
Show AnswerWhat is the Southern District or District 5?

Robert has traveled back home to the Lone Star State and this district, which covers the entire state by the same name.
Show AnswerWhat is the Texas District or District 9?

Robert is now riding the waves off Hawaii, whose ITE section is part of this district. For sure!
Show AnswerWhat is the Western District or District 6?

Robert’s next stop was is in Chicago which has hosted many ITE Annual Meetings and is part of this district.
Show AnswerWhat is the Midwestern District or District 4?

Robert decided to head to the Big Apple and found himself in this ITE district.
Show AnswerWhat is the Northeastern District or District 1?


Driver fatigue arises principally due to long hours, time of day, and lack of this.
Show AnswerWhat is sleep?

Traffic engineers often use this percentile as a reasonable worst case for a cutoff when decisions are made about speed limits and sight distance criteria.
Show AnswerWhat is the 85th percentile?

The geometry of a roundabout reduces or eliminates this type of vehicle-vehicle crash.
Show AnswerWhat is right angle?

The use of cell phones, hand held e-mail devices and other in-car devices can lead to ________ drivers.
Show AnswerWhat is distracted or inattentive?

For truck drivers, this factor was more important than hours of work in causing drowsiness and poorer performance.
Show AnswerWhat is time of day?