About the Bowl

The first traffic bowl for the Midwestern District was held at the District’s Annual Meeting in the Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin in 2009. Six student chapters competed in this competition with the University of Kansas emerging as the winner. John Davis (Chair and 2009 District President), Steve Manhart (2007-2009 International District Director), and Doug Ripley (2009 District Secretary-Treasurer) served as the first district traffic bowl committee. Brian Scharles of TAPCO designed the signaling board used in the games. Ken Voigt (2009 International ITE President), Robert Wunderlich and Hibbett Neal (both Robert and Hibbett were 2009 International Vice President Candidates) served as judges.


MWITE Traffic Bowl Committee Roster and Contact Information

John Davis, Chair
(office) 262-523-4488
(e-mail) DavisJ@AyresAssociates.com

Nick Erpelding
Craig Jakobsen
Phil Kulis
Kait Sanford
Carrie Falkenrath
Jeff Young


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