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Take a shot for a chance to win a free registration to attend the 2017 Annual Meeting in Toronto!


After games against the Illinois Section, MOVITE Section, NCITE Section and Wisconsin Section teams, “Slapshot” Shawn has been far from perfect, allowing a total of 168 goals! The leading scores, as of May 11th, have Amy Canfield form the Wisconsin Section’s team as the number one scorer. More shots on goalie Shawn will be available during the 2017 MWITE District Conference in Madison, June 18-20. Be sure to try your hand at taking shots at “Slapshot” Shawn, a hall of fame candidate for the ITEKHA (ITE Knee Hockey Association) and win a chance for a free registration to the 2017 ITE International Annual Meeting in Toronto. Register for the MWITE Conference TODAY!

View the current leading scores here.

About Slapshot Shawn

During ITE section meetings in the Midwestern District leading up to the district’s conference in Madison, Wisconsin, and during the 2017 Midwestern District Conference, individuals will have an opportunity to outshoot “Slapshot” Shawn! Individuals who want to try to score on “Slapshot” Shawn again, can do so for a contribution of $5 for each additional 30-second shooting period, with the proceeds going to the MWITE District Student Activities Fund. Click here to learn more.

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  1. Congratulations to Amy Canfield from the Wisconsin Section with the top score of 9 goals!

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