MWITE Endowment Fund Announcement


MWITE Members & Affiliates,

The Midwestern District (MWITE) Board has started an Endowment Fund to be used to support members, students and faculty and help attract and retain the best and brightest in the transportation profession. Your Board studied feasibility of this new funding source in 2016 and tasked new MWITE Endowment Committee with solicitation of funds beginning in 2017. The Endowment Fund was initially announced to attendees at 2017 MWITE District Meeting in Madison, WI where we received first Endowment donations – $251! We also announced the Endowment at NCITE’s Annual Meeting in Minneapolis and collected another $100.

We invite you (and/or your employer) to participate in this fund before year end. We know and appreciate that many donate to Section programs and a portion of District and International dues are used for similar initiatives. We are concerned that funding raised and distributed from existing sources is good, but not enough. We are inspired by our peers in the Western District who started an Endowment Fund to support student initiatives about ten years ago, and have raised over $500,000.

Your donation is tax deductible as the Endowment is a 501 (c) (3). Funds will be held in a MWITE bank account until Endowment Committee confirms adequate funding to distribute for these and other needs:

  • Attendance at Midwestern District Annual meeting or ITE Annual Meeting
  • Participation in Leadership ITE
  • Midwestern District Student Summit
  • Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) programs and activities related to transportation
  • Midwestern District Student Traffic Bowl
  • Faculty initiatives at recognized institutions in Midwestern District for ITE involvement
  • Student Chapter initiatives
  • Other activities MWITE Endowment Committee determines support these Endowment initiatives

We ask you to consider a donation in 2017; we will solicit funds annually and at meetings and special events.
We are also ready for you or your estate to name the MWITE Endowment in your will, living trust and/or estate plan and prepared to discuss those ideas with you or your estate planner/attorney. We look forward to your participation in the Endowment Fund, which we believe will be one of our legacies – supporting many in and for our profession. I’ve been involved throughout the process and recognizing how much ITE has done for my career and professional development I’ve pledged $10,000 in cash to the MWITE Endowment Fund ($1,000/yr. through 2026) and I’m revising my Living Trust naming the MWITE Endowment for an additional $10,000 as part of my estate.

Donations, from you or employer, by check made out to “MWITE Endowment Fund” should be mailed to:
Mr. Chad Hammerl MWITE Treasurer
Jacobs Engineering, Inc.
525 W. Monroe St., Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60661

As you consider your (and/or your employer’s) donation, now and for the future, feel free to contact us. The MWITE Endowment Committee is interested in helping you consider options as you help Endowment fund grow.

Thank you!

John P Mick II (312) 505-1149 MWITE Endowment Fund Chair


If you wish to donate via the web, please click the following link to our PayPal fund:

MWITE Endowment Committee:

Dawn Krahn WISCITE (608) 267-7715
Kyle Anderson MOVITE (402) 445-4405
Mike Phan ILITE (312) 262-2244
Kristi Sebastian NCITE (952) 891-7178
John Davis ITE Board Rep. (262) 522-4905
Shawn Leight ITE President (314) 449-8241
Tom Campbell MWITE Administrator (651) 484-4638

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