Dontcha Know?: The MiteY Race International Edition


Wednesday, August 22, 5:15-ending at Brits Pub

The MiteY Race is modeled after the hit television series “The Amazing Race”, in which teams race around the world in competition with other teams. In our ITE version, teams of 2-4 follow clues to “pit stops” where they must complete challenging, but fun tasks. The 3rd Annual MiteY Race International Edition is themed “Dontcha Know?.” Teams will race around a number of “pit stops” located in downtown Minneapolis with the first team to cross the finish line declared the winner. Participants will enjoy answering trivia and performing tasks based on various Minnesota activities. So, join together with your family or colleagues and form a team to compete in this year’s race! The Midwest District (MWITE) is proud to present this edition of the MiteY race, and entrance fee proceeds will go to the “Midwestern District Endowment Fund.” The MWITE Board started an Endowment Fund in 2017 to be used to support members, students, and faculty as well as help attract and retain the best and brightest in the transportation profession.

For all the latest information on the race, see our Facebook page!

Registration is now open! If you would like to register, please see these documents:

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