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ITE consists of 10 districts with eight districts within the United States as shown. District 7 is the Canadian District and District 8 is reserved for international members outside United States and Canada. To get more information on each district, click the relevant area in the map.

The District Board is comprised of ten voting members and three non-voting members.

Each section in the District provides a representative on the District Board of Direction. The representatives from each Section are past Presidents in the case of all but the MOVITE section, which is the current section president.

The officer positions on the Board of Direction are elected. The responsibility for the nomination of a new Secretary is rotated by Section each year. The officers are elected at-large from the entire District membership.

The position of International Director is also rotated among the four sections with each Director serving a three-year term in office. The person holding this office is elected by majority of votes cast by the District membership. The Board of Direction appoints the District Administrator, Newsletter Editor, and Web Site Editor, as non-voting members of the Board.

The eleven States and four sections served by ITE Midwestern District can be seen by this map:


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